Alexander & Sons: San Jose Landscaping Video Portfolio

Alexander & Sons: San Jose Landscaping Video Portfolio

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How we Landscape the San Jose Bay Area:

At Alexander & Sons, we are one San Jose Landscaping contractor that defines our success unilaterally with the quality of work and customer satisfaction that we provide you, the end-user with. Please feel free to dig through our San Jose Landscaping Contractor Portfolio, or check out the specific service you may be looking for in the menu beneath the video.

We can be reached at 408.515.2525 Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm … let’s turn your home landscaping into exterior design magic!

Know what you need?

• Arbor – Pergula Designs

• BBQ – Barbecue Designs

• Bricks Designs

• Driveway Designs

• Flagstone Designs

• Foundation Designs

• Patio Landscape Designs

• Pavers Design Services

• Retaining Wall Designs

• Sidewalk Landscape Designs

• Decorative Stamped Concrete

• Stones Slate Designs

• Stucco Design Services

• Water Fall Feature Design

• Contact Us Today!

Landscaping construction and design is about two things, artistic vision and calculated craftsmanship. At Alexander and Sons, we value both and wrap these business attributes with the ultimate professionalism and accountability in work. Some reasons that we differ from other Bay Area Landscaping design companies:

What You Get
  • High-Grade Materials Only
  • Fast Deployment and Delivery of your Service
  • Versatility in Landscape Service Area’s
  • Limited Warranty Guarantee
What You Don’tGet
  • False Guarantees
  • Claims that Can’t be Backed Up
  • Work that Doesn’t Last
  • Unfriendly Workers in Your Home
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