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Redoing your San Jose Driveways

Redoing your San Jose Driveways

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San jose landscaping is about so many different area’s of the home’s exterior design. In this post we want to concentrate on driveways, sidewalks, and walkways. Their are many signs that one can look for to identify problems in the driveway’s design and whether or not it may require repair.

Cracked driveways can be a real pain and really leave the front landscaping presentation of your home looking shabby and pasty. This can eventually even lead to sub-terrain issues that may cost you tens of thousands (if plumbing or other lines where to be affected).

Top Signs that your Driveways Requires Repaving

  1. Your home or business driveway looks old and has discoloration on the surface
  2. The Driveway has bigger cracks forming over the years
  3. Your driveway doesn’t have rebar installed or any base rock to prevent cracking
  4. Your driveway doesn’t have enough control joints, and thus bigger cracks
  5. Old driveway doesn’t have a sufficient slope angle from house

Top Benefits of Repaving your Business or Home Driveway

  1. New driveway repair clients get rebar #3 every 18” O.C (out center)
  2. New driveways include installed control joints to prevent new cracking
  3. Our driveway concrete contractors can fix any settling or sloping issues
  4. A repaired driveway can provide the better & more spacious parking
  5. A repaired driveway can help ease the damaged walkway to front entrances