Prep for San Jose Backyard Landscaping

Prep for San Jose Backyard Landscaping

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San Jose Backyard Landscaping Top 10 Guide:

  1. First is to design the backyard
  2. Choose the right product for the backyard installation
  3. Access to backyard for contractor equipments for grading and leveling the area
  4. Provide few different options of product to home owner
  5. Bring some samples of stones, pavers or stamped concrete during of design the backyard
  6. Make sure home owner understand his options before installation.
  7. Finial design for this backyard as soon as client choose his product for installation
  8. Choose the right colors of the product for this backyard depend of the color of the house or roof or their test
  9. For the real stones like slates or flagstone, need to choose the right grout (grout is the cement with or without color which goes between each stone)
  10. For stamped concrete choose the right first color (main color) base on the backyard situation and install the correct Antique release (is the dust which goes over the main color for more variation) and finally install a most beautiful stamped pattern which goes with the colors, style of the home and more important, home owner satisfaction.

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Here’s some more information on preparing your backyard for Landscaping services by specific construction or landscaping service type:

Top 10 List to prepare for backyard Landscaping
  1. Look for access, design the backyard and plan to start
  2. Go over some product samples with client
  3. Decide a right plan and specification for client
  4. Provide an accurate estimate for this project
  5. Supply the right equipments for the backyard project base on the access availability
  1. Decide on the colors and pattern for stamped concrete project
  2. For Flagstone project either random or pre-cut stones
  3. For paver project either formal or random stones
  4. Slate and Tile project with an appropriate grout color
  5. Installation of a new Arbor/Pergola or new color/Texture stucco

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