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Lawn and Garden Maintenance

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Expert Lawn and Garden Maintenance

What is Lawn and Garden Landscaping Maintenance?

?Taking care of your lawn and garden design and landscape is essential to any good looking front yard. A well maintained lawn and garden landscape is an excellent way to adorn a yard. Alexander and Sons does the following to ensure that your lawn and garden looks great:

  • Properly watering (sprinkler system), maintaining lawn height, and using lawn fertilizers
  • Implementing Planters and Low Voltage Lights
  • Building Arbor and Pergula additions above lawn

See below a more detailed summation of Custom Lawn and Garden Landscaping Maintenance:

Lawn and Garden landscaping maintenance is the only way to ensure that a lawn will stay green even during the hottest summers. While most people believe that watering a lawn is enough to keep a lawn green, that is often not the case. The use of fertilizer is essential because it has Nitrogen in it which helps the soil to produce healthy grass and a nicer lawn and garden design style. Another method Alexander and Sons employs when keeping grass green is to change the sprinklers to output larger droplets of water. This prevents the water from being evaporated because it is more difficult for the water to evaporate in larger puddles within your lawn and garden. Alexander and Sons specializes in the maintenance of lawns and garden landscapes, and is capable of taking care of any lawn and garden design style. Please see our lawn and garden landscaping maintenance portfolio below.

Alexander & Sons Lawn and Garden Landscape Maintenance Service Portfolio