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Secondary Colors

1. Antique Release, Antique Release™ is a powder colored bond-breaker designed to prevent texturing tools from sticking while adding color, shading and highlights. It is designed to aid in texturing applications and stand up to the effects of sunlight. Antique Release is applied to the surface of the plastic concrete and to the texturing tool. A portion of the release becomes imbedded into the concrete, usually where there is relief in the texturing tool, leaving behind an antiqued appearance. The release agent is streak-free and will add color and highlighting to the finished application.

2. Color Hardener, Color Hardener is a surface applied, dry-shake color and surface hardener designed to work with texturing tools to produce clear, sharp impressions. Color Hardener is made from the finest pigments and premium aggregates available for decorative concrete applications. This product is engineered specifically to densify and color cast-in-place concrete surfaces. Color Hardener forms a surface that is resistant to weathering, wear and normal abrasion. Color Hardener is used in the construction of new concrete flatwork and floors.

Antique Release™ & Color Hardener

Antique Release & Hardner

Antique Release & Hardener